About Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

There are two of us behind Cascade Handcrafted, Dan Coulter and Markus Dehaas. We’ve been working together for over 20 years building log homes. Just like our homes, our business is built to last.

Markus Dehaas and Dan Coulter - Owners of Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes

Our approach

We’re logsmiths, working on the saws and the scribers every day, doing what we love. And because of our passion and commitment to the job, we’re well known for our quality custom work, our attention to detail, and our craftsmanship. Customers love us because we strive to exceed their expectations; contractors love us because they can get their work done quickly once we’ve done the installation of the log home shell.

What to expect from us

Because of our approach, it is natural that relationships with customers become personal. When you contact Cascade Handcrafted, we (Dan and Markus) will be your first point of contact. We don't have a sales department, we'll be the ones shaking your hand at the trade shows. We deal with you directly to talk about your home and all aspects of its construction from the initial plans view from our crane to the actual installation on the site. We’ve enjoyed many great celebrations with our customers when we’ve completed the ‘log raising’ of a home. The ‘wow’ factor is intense and so is the feeling of accomplishment that we share. We love those moments.

Come for a visit

Come to Chilliwack BC and see our work first hand. Let us introduce you to our many customers in and around the Chilliwack area. If you can’t get out to see us just yet, then check out the log home pictures in our photo gallery to get an idea of the type of work we do. We are builders first, salesmen last and we’d love to show you what we can do. We think our work will sell itself, from the choice of the best timber to state-of-the-art technique and detailing. Or contact us to find out where we’re installing our latest log home. We’ve built homes all across Canada and the US and further afield in Europe and Asia so we may be closer than you think. Come by to see us on the job. We’ll be there.

What customers are saying about us

open quoteYou guys are such wonderful folks to work with! We are so very, very grateful and know we have a top quality home that we will spend the rest of our days enjoying and enhancing and living in. Thank you, Dan p.s. keep in touch! close quote
With respect for your work, Your Leavenworth Friends, Duane, Corky, Sam, George, Katie, Jasmine, and Henry
open quoteI want to thank you again for all of your work. You are both truly artists and wonderful craftsmen, and we are forever honored that you built our home. Please always remember your friends in Springville NewYork, and if you have the chance to come and see us, we would love to have you. close quote
Chuck and Kath Stephenson
open quoteWe so appreciate all that you , Markus and the crew have done. We absolutely love the house. Here's to a continued friendship. close quote
Skip and Sharon
open quoteI want you to know how much Steve and I love our log house. We have been in since March and can hardly believe how lucky we are to be in such a beautiful place. We get nothing but OOOOHHH's and AAAAAHHHHH's when people come to visit. Cascade Handcrafted Log homes was the perfect match for our expectations and desires. close quote
Ellyn Papenfuse and Steve Rajeff
open quoteDan and Markus and the whole team at Cascade Handcrafted did an excellent job on our Log package and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a log or timberframe home. They are true craftsmen and put that extra touch on everything they do. They are very organized and friendly to deal with too, making the entire experience a pleasant one. close quote
Tom Moul
open quoteMarkus, Thank you very much for constructing the log home of our dreams. Everyone who sees it is blown away by its beauty (they love the flared logs.) Our third child is due to arrive the end of May...we think it's a girl. The baby is a product of our log home celebration, so the logs must have special powers. Our baby #3 was truly meant to be (along with our beautiful log home). close quote
Love Scott, Kara, Elliott and Haley
open quoteI have known Dan since 1985, first regarding renovations to a 1920's log cabin and then as a builder of our log home on Chilliwack Lake. We are currently working with him on a plan for several additional log structures. Dan is not only a skilled craftsman, probably one of the very best in the Pacific NorthWest, but also an effective businessman and leader. He manages the contracting and business side of a project extremely effectively. But probably most importantly he is a man of complete honesty and integrity. I can't provide a stronger recommendation for Dan and would be happy to answer any questions. close quote
Patrick F O'Callaghan
open quoteCascade Handcrafted provided immediate action and assistance to me in a professional and courteous manner during a time when I was struggling with the many processes related to the flood of the Vedder River. Markus and Dan helped to design and create an improved version of my destroyed home. They expedited their services in order to accommodate my needs as a flood survivor and made sure that I was fully satisfied. They have maintained an ongoing professional service and we have developed a good friendship based on trust and quality of service. I would and have recommended Cascade Log Homes to anyone looking for a quality log home combined with professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff. close quote
Robert Ulm

What contractors are saying about us

open quoteAs a subcontractor I want to let you know what a pleasure it had been doing business with Cascade Handcrafted. The home was built with flawless craftsmanship and by far surpassed any other Red Cedar product in the area of Blue Ridge GA. close quote
Robert Bray
open quoteMarkus, I want you to know how incredibly pleased I am with the 5,000 sq ft custom home you have constructed from my drawings. The entire home is a one-of-a-kind showplace, the envy of everyone who sees it. Teaming up with Cascade on this project has been a rewarding experience. Naturally I've recommended Cascade Handcrafted Hog Homes to several interested parties and will continue to do so. My brother and father were so impressed we ordered a second home from Cascade Handcrafted which you have already erected in the Blue Ridge mountains. As before it went together like clockwork and is catching the attention of everyone in the area. I look forward to doing more projects with you in the near future. close quote
Stephen Yoham, Yoham Brothers Construction
open quoteI have worked with Dan & Markus for over 5 years now. During this time I have come to know Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes as a company that cares about people. Yes, they build quality homes, but in addition to their superb craftsmanship, they take the time to create something extra, be it in the detail of the home, or in the relationships they create with their customers. As someone who works in the wood finishes industry, I am invited to work with their customers, and I have yet to come across an unhappy customer of theirs. This speaks volumes to their work ethic, and makes them one of the premier builders, not just in Canada but throughout North America. close quote
Ron Cameron, President, Finishes 1st
open quoteWe are extremely happy with our Cascade log home. Dan and Markus were able to visualize what we wanted and make it even better. These guys truly know what they are doing and there is a genuine concern that the customer is happy with their log home package. They have gone out of their way to make this happen for us and to make sure that we got what we wanted. close quote
Adam Hulbert
detailing logs

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